The evolving legacy of Zebby Sulecki, Inc. is traced to our Founder’s roots in his native Poland. Through three different entrepreneurial ventures there, a young Zebby established guiding principles of honesty, integrity, quality and customer satisfaction in building a “service first” philosophy. In search of a better life for his young family, Zebby immigrated to the United States in the early 1980’s, and established a residential painting company in 1987. Successful growth over the years have led us from our modest operational beginnings to a relocation in 2013 to our current, 12,000 square foot headquarters in Broomall, Pennsylvania.


Expansion was necessary to support the growing business. Commercial Painting services were added in 1993, and the commercial business now constitutes nearly all of the painting services offered to an array of significant regional clients. The Drywall Division was established in mid-2009, and has matured to provide high quality, complex bundled offerings through unique craftsmanship.


The simple business principles he established in Poland, combined with a growing reputation spread by ‘word-of-mouth,’ guided our Founder to build the business of today supported by his cornerstone values of honesty, integrity, quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.


The pride in workmanship, and respect for the trade and those who practice the trade, have been passed down to become integrated within the fabric of the Company culture today. The Zebby Sulecki, Inc. Mission Statement illustrates this:

  • Lead in providing high-quality, value-driven transformed environments, from rough to fine finish.
    • We will:
      • Demonstrate Respect and Professionalism
      • Build Trusting Relationships with Customers, Vendors and Employees
      • Work Safely at All Times


We are committed to sustain the principles and values of business which Zebby Sulecki started nearly three decades ago.