Polymer Epoxy Floor Coating in Cadaver Room

  • Scope of work
    Floor grinding and patching, Epoxy Primer, 100% solid epoxy mid coat, Epoxy Polyurethane top coat with anti-slip additive
  • Location
    King of Prussia, PA
  • Category

This flooring project included Polymer Epoxy Floor Coating in a Cadaver Room.  This resinous flooring is low-cost, durable and meets a variety of safety and overall performance standards that we use in industrial and commercial facilities, as well as hospitals, laboratories and commercial kitchens.  Zebby Sulecki, Inc. specializes in an assortment of applications including epoxy and urethane systems. Our floor coatings come in a variety of colors and offer a strong layer of protection for high traffic areas. Epoxy flooring is excellent at resisting stains and chemicals and creates a strong surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, epoxy flooring provides a beautiful finish and transforms your current flooring into a visually appealing surface. Zebby Sulecki, Inc. understands the importance of finishing your project on time and making sure that every step of the installation is done correctly and in a professional manner.