Stretch Wall and Ceiling Systems

As one of the few licensed installers of stretch ceiling systems in the region, we can create fashionable stretch wall and ceiling solutions and coordinate a seamless installation for your project. Utilizing Newmat, Clipso, and Whisper Wall, your space will not only look good, but it will be functional as well.

Whisper Walls

The Whisper Walls system is recognized as the worldwide leader in acoustical fabric wall and ceiling systems because of its great advantage over traditional acoustical panels. The uniqueness of a Whisper Walls installation lies in the fact that it is fabricated onsite. Site-fabrication allows the product to accommodate all normal construction irregularities. The Whisper Walls system can be applied to virtually any wall or ceiling surface, whether it be block, brick, concrete, gypsum board or wood.

The standard Whisper Walls system is composed of three components; a patented polymer stretching system, a core infill, and a fabric of your choosing. The design professional need only select the system depth, edge profile, core requirements, and fabric to create a system that satisfies both acoustical and aesthetic needs.

When it comes to ceilings, there is no finer finish available than a Whisper Walls acoustical fabric ceiling system. The same components which form the Whisper Walls Standard Wall System are used for ceiling treatments as well.

Maintenance repairs are easy and inexpensive on Whisper Wall systems. Due to our superior installation techniques, the fabric can simply be removed and replaced if it becomes soiled or damaged.

Zebby Sulecki, Inc. is an exclusive dealer and licensed installer for Whisper Wall Systems. Some of our Whisper Wall installations include the Philadelphia Eagles Nova Care Training Center and the Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame.



Zebby Sulecki, Inc. is an exclusive dealer and licensed installer for NewMat. The NewMat Stretch Ceiling System provides a unique and creative application that combines aesthetics, design, and quality. The components of the NewMat system include a membrane, rails, and rings. This PVC Stretch Ceiling System can create curves, angles, domes, and a variety of other shapes.

The membrane is a flexible piece of PVC material, custom cut and seamed to fit your application, which is then surrounded by a welded, semi-rigid “harpoon” which connects to the rail. The rail is secured to the perimeter of the application. Rings are used for all penetrations to the membrane, such as light fixtures, etc.

Guaranteed for 10 years, a NewMat Stretch Ceiling will maintain its original brilliance without the need for maintenance while meeting even the most stringent building codes. As you can see from our installation photos at the Melrose Diner, this is a unique product. Contact us today for more information.

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